Stop the TPP

Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement

It gives corporations power over people and the environment. Voting for the TPP means fewer jobs and lower wages for American workers. TPP contains extreme patent protections for name-brand pharmaceuticals that threaten to restrict access to cheaper lifesaving medicines in all TPP countries, including in the United States. The TPP agreement will further increase drug costs to consumers and the government while lining the pockets of the pharmaceutical industry. But it is not just the pharmaceutical industry that will benefit. The TPP is ultimately about giving multi-national corporations power over governments and people.

How do corporations get this power? Trade agreements that enable corporations to sue governments in retaliation for laws or regulations that they claim reduce their profits. The TPP cements this corporate “right” into law in many more parts of the world.

President Obama strongly supports the TPP. He is a Democrat who is a champion of the “rights” of corporations over the rights of people. People should always have more rights than corporations.

Barry Hermanson