Healthcare is a Human Right

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I support, an Improved and Expanded Medicare for All. Single-payer universal health care. It is less expensive to cover everyone. And, we get better care.

People in many other countries get better healthcare, live longer and pay far less to get the care they need. We could learn much from studying their successes and applying their best practices.

Obamacare (the ACA) improved access to healthcare but didn’t come close to matching the kind of care received in other countries. Tens of millions of people in America still lack health insurance. Even with subsidies, many who have insurance can’t cover out of pocket expenses. Narrow provider networks limit freedom of choice and access to specialists.

We can do better.

81% of Democrats and 58% of all voters support an Improved and Expanded Medicare for All according to a recent Kaiser poll. For 100% of Greens, better healthcare for everyone at a lower cost is part of the core of what it means to be Green.

As Republicans threaten to dismantle Obamacare,

Democrats introduced The Healthy California Act (SB 562) in Sacramento on February 17th. California can lead the way for the U.S. by establishing an Improved and Expanded Medicare for All for every resident. Unfortunately, many Democrats elected to state and federal office are part of the 19% who do not support an Improved and Expanded Medicare for All.

If the governor signs SB 562 into law, voters will soon see an initiative to overturn it sponsored by those who profit from our wasteful healthcare spending.

5 million voters are needed to win a California ballot measure.

Contact Single Payer Now to register your support.

Healthcare should not be a privilege. Healthcare for everyone = Better care and lower costs.

Barry Hermanson

Green Party Candidate for Congress, San Francisco


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