Black Lives Matter

Justice for Mario Woods!

To:  SFPD Police Chief Greg Suhr

I’ve known you since the mid 90’s when you were Captain at Mission Station.  Over the years, you have demonstrated that you are a leader who supports the men and women under your command.

Mario Woods was executed by 5 of your officers.  27 bullet casings were found at the scene.  The video looks a lot like a firing squad.  The Examiner reported that Mario was high on drugs.  It still looks like a firing squad.  Asking officers to stop firing after 2 shots wouldn’t make it look any different.

27 shots were fired because Mario might have had a knife?  Don’t officers know how to use a night stick?  Mario had already been hit with bean bags and pepper spray.  With a little martial arts training – Mario would still be alive today.

Black and Brown lives have been lost to police shootings under your watch that many claim were executions.  Restoring community trust in the SFPD will only happen under new leadership.

You should step aside.

Barry Hermanson